About Us 

He is changing 

As a brand in the fashion industry, we wanted to take responsibility. By extending the life of clothing by a further 9 months, we would be reducing carbon, waste and water footprints by 20-30% each.

Therefore, we have created timeless pieces that can be worn for a long time rather than a wardrobe full of many different styles causing decision fatigue. 

14 essential items that are kind to the skin and kind to the earth.


Our collection will be released 2/3 months with limited stock in order to reduce waste and eliminate the overproduction cycle.

It is reported that 100billion clothes a year for just 7 billion humans.

Our collection will work on seasonal movements rather than strict fashion seasons.  

Studies have shown that many of us wear clothes 7 to 10 times before it ends up in the landfill.


We are still in working progress but we are constantly thinking about how to move forward as a sustainable, slow fashion brand. As our first step, we have used 95% of natural fibres, 40% of which are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. This means it is not treated with bleach or any other toxic substances and meets the social and environmental standards at its very highest. 

With sustainability aside, we have also chosen to use cotton as one of our main materials as it is more soft, natural and breathable than synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyester. 

We will continue to use our leftover plastic packaging bags in order not to waste it. Afterwards, we will be moving to a more sustainable choice of packaging.

For our oncoming collections, we will be committed to making environmentally conscious and ethical choices. We will also aim for 100% sustainable materials. We hope you can join us in the journey.